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Perfil académico: Doctorado
Email: carme.espinet@udl.cat


Enseñanza Curso Asignatura
MU en Investigación Biomédica 1 COMUNICACIÓN Y FUNCIÓN CELULAR


Grupo de investigación: Developmental and oncogenic signalling
Tesis Año Dirección
FLRT proteins act as guidance cues for migrating cortical interneurons 2015 Joaquim Egea Navarro i Carme Espinet Mestre
Implication of pro-NGF in the neurodegeneration: characterization of the underlying physiological mechanisms in Alzheimer’s Disease 2008 Espinet Mestre, Carme
Víes intracel.lulars implicades en supervivència neuronal induïda per factors neurotròfics o per increments de calci 1999 Comella Carnicé, Joan; Espinet Mestre, Carme
Publicaciones Año Autores Tipo
A dominant negative mutation uncovers cooperative control of caudal Wolffian duct development by Sprouty genes. 2022 Altés, G.; Vaquero, M.; Cuesta, S.; Anerillas, C.; Macià, A.; Espinet, C.; Ribera, J.; Bellusci, S.; Klein, O.D.; Yeramian, A.; Dolcet, X.; Egea, J.; Encinas, M. Article d'investigació
FLRT2 and FLRT3 Cooperate in Maintaining the Tangential Migratory Streams of Cortical Interneurons during Development 2021 Fleitas, C.; Marfull Oromí, P.; Chauhan, D.; Del Toro, D.; Peguera, B.; Zammou, B.; Rocandio, D.; Klein, R.; Espinet, C.; Egea, J. Article d'investigació
ProNGF Involvement in the Adult Neurogenesis Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease 2021 Olabiyi, B.F.; Fleitas, C.; Zammou, B.; Ferrer, I.; Rampon, C.; Egea, J.; Espinet, C. Article d'investigació
Genetic ablation of the Rho GTPase Rnd3 triggers developmental defects in internal capsule and the globus pallidus formation. 2021 Marfull-Oromí P; Fleitas C; Zammou B; Rocandio D; Ballester-Lurbe B; Terrado J; Perez-Roger I; Espinet C; Egea J. Article d'investigació
proBDNF is modified by advanced glycation end products in Alzheimer's disease and causes neuronal apoptosis by inducing p75 neurotrophin receptor processing. 2018 Fleitas C.; Piñol Ripoll, G.; Marfull P.; Rocandio D.; Ferrer I.; Rampon C.; Egea J.; Espinet C. Article d'investigació
Oxidative stress and neurodegenerative diseases: a neurotrophic approach 2015 Espinet C, Gonzalo H, Fleitas C, Menal MJ, Egea J. Review
Study of the in vivo phosphorylation of E2F1 on Ser403. 2010 Real S, Espada L, Espinet C, Santidrián AF, Tauler A. Article d'investigació
Cell death and learning impairment in mice caused by in vitro modified pro-NGF can be related to its increased oxidative modifications in Alzheimer's disease. 2009 Kichev A, Ilieva EV, Piñol-Ripoll G, Podlesniy P, Ferrer I, Portero-Otin M, Pamplona R, Espinet C Article d'investigació
Apoptotic action of E2F1 requires Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3- activity in PC12 cells 2007 Espada L., Udapudi B., Podlesniy P., Fabregat I. Espinet C. and Tauler A. Article en premsa
Pro-NGF from Alzheimer's disease and normal human brain displays distinctive abilities to induce processing and nuclear translocation of intracellular domain of p75NTR and apoptosis 2006 Podlesniy P*, Kichev A*, Pedraza C, Saurat J, Encinas M, Perez B, Ferrer I, Espinet C Article d'investigació
Pro-NGF isolated from human brain affected by Alzheimer´s disease induces neuronal apoptosis mediated by p75NTR 2005 Pedraza CE, Podlesniy P, Vidal N, Arévalo J, Lee R, Hempstead B, Ferrer I, Iglesias M, Espinet C. Article d'investigació
Neuronal survival induced by neurotrophins requires calmodulin 2001 Egea J, Espinet C, Soler RM, Dolcet X, Yuste VJ, Encinas M, Iglesias M, Rocamora N, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Ca2+ and calmodulin regulate neuronal survival trought the modulation of the intracellular signaling pathways activated by receptors for neurotrophic factors 2000 Comella JX, Egea J, Soler RM, Dolcet X, Espinet C. Article d'investigació
Nerve growth factor activation of the extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway is modulated by Ca2+ and calmodulin 2000 Egea J, Espinet C, Soler RM, Peiro S, Rocamora N, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Combined use of the green fluorescent protein and fluorescent-activated cell sorting to select pure populations of transiently PC12 cells 2000 Espinet C, Gómez-Arbonés X, Egea J, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
Calcium influx activates ERK MAP kinase pathway throught a calmodulin-sensitive mechanism in PC12 cells 1999 Egea J, Espinet C, Comella JX. Review
Calmodulin Modulates Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Activation in Response to Membrane Depolarization in PC12 Cells 1998 Egea J, Espinet C, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
kpoipòipìpòiopìpòProtein Kinase Activation in Response to Membrane Depolarization in PC12 Cells 1998 Egea J, Espinet C, Comella JX. Article d'investigació
The AFT1 transcriptional factor is differentially required for expression of high-affinity iron uptake genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1997 Casas C, Aldea M, Espinet C, Gallego C, Gil R, Herrero E. Article d'investigació
An efficient method to isolate yeast genes causing overexpression-mediated growth arrest 1995 Espinet C, De la Torre MA, Aldea M, Herrero E. Article d'investigació
The yeast cell cycle: positive and negative controls 1994 Aldea M, Casas C, Gallego C, Espinet C, Herrero E. Article d'investigació