Master's degree in Biomedical Research


Academic profile: Doctorate


Teaching Course Subject
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research 1 STORYTELLING WITH DATA
MU en Investigació, Innovació i Transferència en Salut 1 ANÁLISIS AVANZADO Y MULTIVARIANTE
MU en Investigació, Innovació i Transferència en Salut 1 ANÁLISIS DE DATOS E INTERPRETACIÓN DE RESULTADOS I
Degree in Medicine 1 BIOSTATISTICS
Degree in Biomedical Sciences 2 BIOSTATISTICS
Degree in Biotechnology 4 BACHELOR'S THESIS
Master's Degree in Biomedical Research BIOSTATISTICS


Research profile: Biologia de sistemes i models matemàtics de processos biològics
Publications Year Authors Type
Maximization of information transmission influences selection of native phosphorelay architectures 2021 Alves, Rui; Salvadó, Baldiri; Milo, Ron; Vilaprinyo, Ester; Sorribas, Albert Article d'investigació
Faecal Bacterial and short chain-fatty acids signature in hypercholesterolemia. 2019 Granado-Serrano A.B.; Martín-Garí M.; Sánchez V.; Riart-Solans M.; Berdún R.; Ludwig I.A.; Rubió L.; Vilaprinyo E.; Portero-Otín M.; Serrano J.C.E. Article d'investigació
Pathways to defense metabolites and evading fruit bitterness in genus Solanum evolved through 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases. 2019 Cárdenas PD; Sonawane PD; Heinig U; Jozwiak A; Panda S; Abebie B; Kazachkova Y; Pliner M; Unger T; Wolf D; Ofner I; Vilaprinyo E; Meir S; Davydov O; Gal-On A; Burdman S; Giri A; Zamir D; Scherf T; Szy Article d'investigació
Automatic Methods for Carotid Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging Quantification of Adventitial Vasa Vasorum. 2019 Pereira T.; Muguruza J.; Mária V.; Vilaprinyo E.; Sorribas A.; Fernandez E.; Fernandez-Armenteros, J.M.; Baena J.A.; Rius F.; Betriu A.; Solsona .F; Alves R. Article d'investigació
Quantitative operating principles of Yeast metabolism during adaptation to heat stress. 2018 Pereira T.; Vilaprinyo E.; Belli G.; Herrero E.; Salvado B.; Sorribas A.; Altés G.; Alves R. Article d'investigació
Rare Disease Discovery: an optimized disease ranking system 2017 Marc Piñol; Rui Alves; Ivan Teixidó; Jordi Mateo; Francesc Solsona; Ester Vilaprinyó Article d'investigació
Computer-assisted initial diagnosis of rare diseases 2016 Rui Alves; Marc Piñol; Jordi Vilaplana; Ivan Teixidó; Joaquim Cruz; Jorge Comas; Ester Vilaprinyo; Albert Sorribas; Francesc Solsona Article d'investigació
Regulation of the Na+/K+-ATPase Ena1 expression by calcineurin/Crz1 under high pH stress: A quantitative study. 2016 Petrezsélyová S; López-Malo M; Canadell D; Roque A; Serra-Cardona A; Marqués MC; Vilaprinyó E; Alves R; Yenush L; Ariño J. Article d'investigació
Identification of line-specific strategies for improving carotenoid production in synthetic maize through data-driven mathematical modelling 2016 Comas, J; Benfeitas, R.; Vilaprinyo, E.; Sorribas, A.; Solsona, F.; Farré, G.; Berman, J.; Zorrilla, U.; Capell, T.; Sandmann, G.; Zhu, C.; Christou, P.; Alves, R. Article d'investigació
A survey of HK, HPt, and RR domains and their organization in two-component systems and phosphorelay proteins of organisms with fully sequenced genomes 2015 Salvado B.; Vilaprinyo E.; Sorribas A.; Alves R. Article d'investigació
Tumor phenotype and breast density in distinct categories of interval cancer: Results of population-based mammography screening in Spain 2014 Domingo L; Salas D; Zubizarreta R; Baré M; Sarriugarte G; Barata T; Ibáñez J; Blanch J; Puig-Vives M; Fernández A; Castells X; Sala M; Comas M; Macià F; Martínez J; Rodríguez-Arana A; Román M; Romero Article d'investigació
Budget Impact Analysis of Switching to Digital Mammography in a Population-Based Breast Cancer Screening Program: A Discrete Event Simulation Model 2014 Comas M, Arrospide A, Mar J, Sala M, Vilaprinyo E, Hernández C, Cots C, Martínez J, Castells X. Article d'investigació
Cost-effectiveness and harm-benefit analyses of risk-based screening strategies for breast cancer 2014 Vilaprinyo E, Forné C, Carles M, Sala M, Pla R, Castells X, Domingo L, Rue M. and the Interval Cancer (INCA) Study Group Article d'investigació
An in vitro system for the rapid functional characterization of 20 genes involved in carotenoid biosynthesis and accumulation 2014 Bai, C; Rivera, SM; Medina,V; Alves,R; Vilaprinyo,E; Sorribas,A; Canela,R; Capell,T; Sandmann,G.; Christou, P; Zhu, C. Article d'investigació
Targeted transcriptomic and metabolic profiling reveals temporal bottlenecks in the maize carotenoid pathway that may be addressed by multigene engineering 2013 Farre G.; Rivera S.M.; Alves R.; Vilaprinyo E.; Sorribas A.; Canela R.; Naqvi S.; Sandmann G.; Capell T.; Zhu C.; Christou P. Article d'investigació
Contribution of early detection and adjuvant treatments to breast cancer mortality reduction in Catalonia, Spain 2012 Vilaprinyo E; Puig T, Rue M Article d'investigació
How to Optimize Population Screening Programs for Breast Cancer Using Mathematical Models 2012 Rue M; Carles M; Vilaprinyo E; Pla R; Martinez-Alonso M; Forne C; Roso A; Arrospide A Capítol de llibre d'investigació
Two component systems: physiological effect of a third component 2012 Salvado B.; Vilaprinyo E.; Karathia H.; Sorribas A.; Alves R. Article d'investigació
Cost-effectiveness of early detection of breast cancer in Catalonia (Spain) 2011 Carles M; Vilaprinyo E; Cots F; Gregori A; Pla R; Román R; Sala M; Macià F; Castells X; Rué M Article d'investigació
Methods for and results from the study of design principles in molecular systems 2011 Salvado B.; Karathia H.; Chimenos AU.; Vilaprinyo E.; Omholt S.; Sorribas A.; Alves R. Article d'investigació
Existo, luego soy una red. 2011 Sorribas,A., Vilaprinyo, E., Alves, R. Article en revista divulgativa
¿El aniversário de la Biologia de Sistemas? 2011 Alves, R., Salvado, B., Vilaprinyo, E., Sorribas, A. Article en revista divulgativa
Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organism: a comparative study 2011 Karathia, H.; Vilaprinyo, E.; Sorribas, A.; Alves, R. Article d'investigació
Teaching systems biology 2011 Alves R; Vilaprinyo E; Sorribas A; Article d'investigació
Evolución de la mortalidad por cáncer de mama y diseminación de la mamografía de cribado en Cataluña. Un análisis por regiones sanitarias. The evolution of breast cancer mortality and the disseminatio 2010 Pérez-Lacasta MJ; Gregori A; Carles M; Gispert R; Martínez-Alonso M; Vilaprinyo E; Pla R; Rué M Article d'investigació
Minimization of Biosynthetic Costs in Adaptive Gene Expression Responses of Yeast to Environmental Changes 2010 Vilaprinyo E.; Alves R.; Sorribas A. Article d'investigació
The evolution of breast cancer mortality and the dissemination of mammography in catalonia. An analysis by health region [Evolución de la mortalidad por cáncer de mamay diseminación de la mamografía d 2010 Pérez MJ; Gregori A; Carles M; Gispert R., Martínez-Alonso M; Vilaprinyo E; Pla R; Rué M. Article d'investigació
Optimization and evolution in metabolic pathways: Global optimization techniques in Generalized Mass Action models 2010 Sorribas A.; Pozo C.; Vilaprinyo E.; Guillén-Gosálbe,z G.; Jimenez L.; Alves R. Article d'investigació
Breast cancer incidence and overdiagnosis in Catalonia (Spain) 2010 Martinez-Alonso M, Vilaprinyo E, Marcos-Gragera R, Rue M. Article d'investigació
Estimation of age- and stage-specific Catalan breast cancer survival functions using US and Catalan survival data 2009 Vilaprinyo E; Rue M; Marcos-Gragera R; Martinez-Alonso M Article d'investigació
Effectiveness of early detection on breast cancer mortality reduction in Catalonia (Spain) 2009 Rue M, Vilaprinyo E, Lee S, Martinez-Alonso M, Carles M, Marcos-Gragera R, Pla R, Espinas, JA Article d'investigació
Evolution based on domain combinations: the case of glutaredoxins 2009 Alves, R.; Vilaprinyó, E.; Sorribas, A.; Herrero, E. Article d'investigació
Correlations between modulation of gene expression and properties of proteins during modulation of gene expression by environmental signals in yeast 2008 Vilaprinyo E, Salvador A, Alves R, Sorribas A. Article en premsa
Mathematical formalisms based on approximated kinetic representations for modeling genetic and metabolic pathays 2008 Alves R.; Vilaprinyo E.; Hernández-Bermejo, B.; Sorribas A. Article d'investigació
Energetic Constraints in Adaptive gene expression responses of yeast under environmental changes. 2008 Vilaprinyo, E., Salvador, A., Alves, R.,& Sorribas, A. Article d'investigació
Gene expression levels in Saccharomyces cerevisisae strongly reflect energetic cost rates of gene products. 2008 Vilaprinyo, E., Alves, R., Sorribas, A. & Salvador, A. Article d'investigació
Semi-Automated Reconstruction of Biological Circuits. 2008 Alves, R.; Vilaprinyo, E. & Sorribas, A. Article d'investigació
Competing Risks to Breast Cancer Mortality in Catalonia 2008 Vilaprinyo E, Gispert R, Martinez-Alonso M, Carles M, Pla R, Espinas JA, Rue M Article d'investigació
Dissemination of periodic mammography and patterns of use, by birth cohort, in Catalonia (Spain) 2008 Rue M, Carles M, Vilaprinyo E, Martinez-Alonso M, Espinas JA, Pla R, Brugulat P Article d'investigació
Alternative Mathematical Representations For Mathematical Modelling in Molecular Biology: Scope and Limitations. 2008 Sorribas A, Alves R, Vilaprinyo E. Article en premsa
Approximate formalisms: does anything work? 2008 Sorribas A.; Vilaprinyo, E. & Alves, R. Article d'investigació
Integrating bioinformatics and computational biology: Perspectives and possibilities for in silico network reconstruction in molecular systems biology 2008 Alves R.; Vilaprinyo E.; Sorribas A. Article d'investigació
Cooperativity and saturation in biochemical networks: A saturable formalism using Taylor series approximations 2007 Sorribas A.; Hernández-Bermejo, B.; Vilaprinyo E.; Alves R. Article d'investigació
Use of physiological constraints to identify quantitative design principles for gene expression in yeast adaptation to heat shock 2006 Vilaprinyo E.; Alves R.; Sorribas A. Article d'investigació