Master's degree in Biomedical Research

Career opportunities...

Research Institutes and Universities
• Research staff • Academic staff (PDI) • Research management
Hospitals • Resident internal biologist (BIR) • Clinical trial monitor
Medical and Veterinary Diagnostic laboratories:
biochemical, genetic, microbiological, cytopathological, etc
• Laboratory director • Senior technician 
Industry • Pharmaceutical • Agri-food • Veterinary • Biotechnology
Agencies • Monitor of health problems • Control of medication use • Research management
Scientific dissemination • Science journalist • Editor of scientific journals • Scientific disseminator
Product service and consultancy companies for diagnosis or biomedical research

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You can take a look at the IRBLleida Job Offers, you may find a good opportunity!

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Here you have two websites to seacrh for a master



I want to be a Resident internal biologist (BIR) and work in a Hospital!

Here you have the link to the offical information about BIR work of the Ministerio de Sanidad (Government of Spain)

You can also find information on the "Col·legi Oficial de Biòlegs de Catalunya" website


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What stages must be followed to pursue a career in research in Spain?


After completing the Master's degree, you can continue your training and achieve the highest academic diploma, the Doctoral degree (PhD). You must enroll in a PhD program and do your doctoral thesis, which consists of an original research project lasting 3 to 4 years.

At the University of Lleida within the Doctoral School you have available the Doctoral Program in Health, which is the right program for your training.

For the realization of the doctoral thesis you have a wide range of contracts that finance 3 to 4 years of the thesis (you can see the summary in the "Researcher career path in Spain" published by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology.


If you want to do your thesis at IRBLleida, there are many projects in different areas of biomedical research that may interest you. You can visit the IRBLleida Research website



... and if you want to seek for laboratories to do your thesis or Post-doc anywhere in the world you can visit the following links: