Màster en Investigació Biomèdica

Ofertes Treball Final de Màster

Propostes TFM curs 2021-22
Project: Drug screen in induced pluripotent stem cell derived model of Friedreich Ataxia
Keywords friedreich ataxia; degenerative disease; mitochondria; sensory neurons, induced pluripotent stem cells
Supervisor/s Fabien Delaspre
E-mail  fabien.delaspre@udl.cat
Group Bioquímica de l'estrès oxidatiu
PhD Yes
Project: NRG1-ErbBs signalling pathway in C-Type cholinergic synapses of motor neurons: implications in the physiopathology and therapy in animal models of Amiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
Keywords Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, C-bouton, Neuregulin-1, SOD1
Supervisor/s Sara Hernandez, Anna Casanovas
E-mail  sara.hernandez@udl.cat
Group Grup de Patologia Neuromuscular Experimental
PhD Yes
Project:  Drug repurposing to tackle Crohn’s disease progression: Screening of a FDA-approved drug library against TNF-α-driven cell death in autophagy-deficient genetic models
Keywords Crohn, Autophagy, cell death, FDA-approved drugs, TNF-alpha, inflammation
Supervisor/s Judit Ribas i Fortuny
E-mail  judit.ribas@udl.cat
Group  Farmacologia de l’estrés Cel·lular (Unitat de Farmacologia)
PhD Yes
Project: Modelling metastasis in adult Drosophila: Identification of the mechanisms underlying successful cell migration
Keywords Drosophila, metastasis, colorectal cancer, EMT, Snail
Supervisor/s Andreu Casali
E-mail  andreu.casali@udl.cat
Group Drosophila models of disease
PhD Yes
Project: Targeting calcium signaling against glioblastoma
Keywords autophagy, ER stress, hypoxia, neurospheres, patient-derived cultures
Supervisor/s Judit Herreros / Carles Cantí
E-mail   judit.herreros@udl.cat; carles.canti@udl.cat
Group  Senyalització per calci
PhD Yes
Project: Spinal Muscular Atrophy: molecular mechanisms and new therapeutic strategies
Keywords  human iPSC motoneuron differentiation,  survival motor neuron protein, intracellular survival/death pathways, autophagy
Supervisor/s Rosa M Soler/Ana Garcerá
E-mail  rosa.soler@udl.cat; ana.garcera@udl.cat
Group Neuronal Signaling Unit
PhD Yes
Project: Study design simulations
Keywords study design - computational simulations - R - Shiny 
Supervisor/s Ester Vilaprinyó Terré
E-mail  ester.vilaprinyo@udl.cat
Group Biología de sistemas y métodos estadísticos para la investigación
PhD Yes
Project: Identification and validation of candidate genes involved in cellular senescence by a CRISPR/Cas9 screening
Keywords Cellular Senescence, CRISPR/Cas9
Supervisor/s Supervisor/s: Mario Encinas
E-mail  mario.encinas@udl.cat
Group Developmental and Oncogenic Signaling
PhD Yes
Project: Membrane contact sites in the pathophysiology of age-related neurodegenerative diseases
Keywords ER stress, mitochondria, respirometry, motor neuron, lipid metabolism
Supervisor/s Manuel Portero-Otin
E-mail  manuel.portero@udl.cat
Group Metabolic Pathophysiology
PhD Yes
Project: Iron as a determining factor in the participation of sphingolipid metabolism in the regulation of autophagy.
Keywords yeast, iron, sphingolipid, autophagy
Supervisor/s Mª Angeles de la Torre
E-mail  mariaangeles.delatorre@udl.cat
Group Cell Signalling in Yeast
PhD Yes
Project: Determinació del paper de BCAT1 en la carcinogènesi endometrial 
Keywords Càncer endometri, BCAT1, Cultius 3D, CRISPR/Cas9  lentivirus, assaig molecular in vitro
Supervisor/s Núria Eritja
E-mail  eritja@irblleida.cat
Group Patologia oncològica (https://www.irblleida.org/ca/recerca/16/patologia-oncologica )
PhD Yes
Project: Precision medicine in patients with sleep apnea and acute coronary syndrome: Predictive model of response to treatment
Keywords Sleep apnea; Personalized Medicine; Biomarkers.
Supervisor/s Manuel Sánchez de la Torre
E-mail  sanchezdelatorre@gmail.com
Group Precision Medicine in Chronic Diseases Group (http://www.irblleida.org/en/research/40/precision-medicine-in-chronic-diseases-group)
PhD Yes
Project: Role of cyclin D3 in the regulation of mitochondrial function and oxidative stress in pancreatic beta cells. Studies in autoimmune diabetes.
Keywords Autoimmune diabetes, cyclin D3, redox-balance, inflammation, apoptosis
Supervisor/s Conchi Mora
E-mail  conchi.mora@udl.cat
Group Grup de Recerca en  Immunologia i Immunopatologia
PhD Yes
Project: Pathogenic mechanisms underlying Spinal Muscular Atrophy: the role of neuroinflamation
Keywords SMA, motoneuron, glia, spinal cord
Supervisor/s Jordi Calderó/Olga Tarabal
E-mail  jordi.caldero@udl.cat
Group Grup de Patologia Neuromuscular Experimental
PhD Yes
Project: Dissecting the role of SNCA in the development of experimental acute kidney injury. 
Keywords SNCA, kidney, proximal tubular cells, inflammation, oxidative stress 
Supervisor/s Milica Bozic/Jose M. Valdivielso 
E-mail  mbozic@irblleida.cat 
Group Vascular and Renal Translational Research Group 
PhD Yes